Sus Bojesen Rosenqvist, CEO of Kay Bojesen

by admin on January 22, 2015


Julie Lynge has magical hands!

With a busy everyday life as a mom of two, self-employed photographer, and CEO of Kay Bojesen, it was a relief to visit Julie.

For years, I suffered from migraine and massive tensions in my neck and jaws, which Julie managed to release and my pain was alleviated.

After each treatment, the fogginess caused by the pain disappeared which left me softer in the face, shoulders, and neck, and the headache was gone.

In addition, Julie’s treatment had a smoothing effect which lessened the lines of my face resulting in smooth and soft skin.

There is no doubt that I miss Julie’s delightful personality and special abilities in Copenhagen.

adminSus Bojesen Rosenqvist, CEO of Kay Bojesen