Hello, I am Julie Lynge…

… and I love working with the human body. I love the knowledge and the wisdom it contains!

And I wish for my clients to have

a profound health and wellbeing

Multidisciplinary knowledge from head-to-toe

Since 2003, Julie Lynge has dedicated herself to the practice of bodywork and possesses a broad range of multidisciplinary knowledge from head-to-toe.

Julie’s intuition and skilled awareness allows her to provide a high level of personalized focus to each individual client’s health and wellness.

The values that drive her bodywork practice is careful listening and an intention not to presume or impose but to pull from her experience that which best serves the client’s needs.

Through Julie’s work as a dental technician, she began to wonder why clients suffered from teeth grinding.  With her growing frustration at the lack of understanding how the body works, Julie began training in craniosacral therapy, deep tissue, and many other massage methods and techniques in Copenhagen.
The pieces began to fall into place offering Julie the realization of the whole person as an ongoing relationship between life experiences and the physical state of the individual.

This awareness led to Julie’s continued educational path as a psychotherapist at The Psychotherapist Institute in Copenhagen. It was essential for her to understand the pain and frustration associated with each individual client’s mind and body relationship.

The ability to listen to every individual’s current life path, along with the realization of how the body stores life experiences, Julie has built a strong foundation of offering her client’s the awareness of their habits and provides tools to help them change their painful patterns.

Julie integrates her knowledge of the mind and inner life, with her expertise in anatomy and physiology, to provide comprehensive treatments for the whole person – an effective wellness with a distinctly different experience for healing.

The Philosophy

Throughout a person’s life, the body stores memory from experiences, traumas, daily habits and routines. This ‘memory’ can be expressed in painful body movement, restrictions, teeth grinding, headaches, and more. For example, a tight mouth can be a signal of a past trauma in an individual’s life. Typically, there is a story and a reason associated with body pain and discomfort.

Julie has an effective method of listening to her clients as she simultaneously unwraps the pain causing story. She believes when the muscles are stimulated, the body awakes and a reversal of the story begins to erase the pain.

Julie’s deep understanding of the nervous system, musculoskeletal and logical thinking of the body’s way of reacting, enables her to work with the muscles and stimulate blood flow causing a restoration of life and movement in each layer of the muscles.

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