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The JulieLyngeMethod

Most massage therapists focus on the top layer of muscle tissue while applying a horizontal massage pattern on the body.
Julie’s treatments involve vertical work throughout the deeper tissue layers of the muscles.

This technique requires time and patience. In many cases, she will work on the same area for half an hour before the muscles finally open up and relax.
It’s this release that offers a beautiful movement because the body begins to reposition and regain balance.

Julie’s method is a fine balance of perfecting the required pressure and duration of time to ‘trick’ the system (both reflexes and nervous system) to release the tension.

Her ability to relax the deepest tissue layers of muscles is much more efficient providing instant relief of pain and discomfort than any other treatment.

 Julie has magic fingers, I really do not know what she does, but it works and it is fantastic! I grind my teeth when I am stressed or have a lot of anxiety, this results in a severe headache. There is also a wrinkle between my eyes, which makes me look old and angry, and the wrinkle worsens when I am stressed and lack sleep. Just the atmosphere in Julie's clinic can make the most stressed person feel completely relaxed in a few minutes - and then when her fingers begin their magic, you're lost and addicted for life. After treating one side of my face, she showed me the difference in a mirror.... Amazing! Every time, I leave Julie's clinic I feel totally relaxed, no stress, no headache and no wrinkles. Julie is just fantastic!

Ms. Laurent, Designer

"I had torn the meniscus in my right knee, so I went to see Julie to be in the best possible shape before the surgery to ultimately shorten the rehab time after surgery. The first two treatments made a big difference, both the treatments as well as talking about the optimal rehab exercises. The 3rd treatment was a real breakthrough.I woke up the next day with almost no pain left. A week later, I canceled the surgery. Three weeks, more rehab and another treatment later, all symptoms were gone and I've been surfing and cycling ever since as if nothing ever really happened. It was a pretty mind-blowing experience."

Jakob, Former pro-skier and founder of fitness app Endomondo (20 million users)

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