The Nordic Facelift

The Scandinavian Touch

In Paris and London, the leading fashionistas are choosing gentle pressure facial massages instead of botox.  The french Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld, swears to face massages to de-stress her face and diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

The new black is to be more natural, and to obtain an outward glow, we must first have inner harmony and balance in the body.  Healthy living and natural beauty is the focal point of fashion causing the trendsetters to now understand the significance of regular face massages.

Julie has developed an innovative and effective facial massage.  This treatment is based on deep, but gentle connective tissues, and focuses on relaxing the face and targeting the areas associated with tension, worry and stress.  Along with providing the client an awareness of the cause of facial tension and insight into their facial expressions.

The face is a reflection of our years of living and our health.  Severe periods of stress, worry and tension leaves traces of age: wrinkles, skin fade and stiff facial expressions.  Many try to remedy these traces of living with surgical or unnatural intervention.

Julie’s method works in depth with the diversity of fine facial muscles.  With her magical hands, she explores each individual’s facial story and begins to unwind the tension with rhythmic and gentle movements.  Blood circulation is stimulated, wrinkles are smoothed and symmetrical balance of the face is restored. The skin regains more suppleness and looks and feels softer providing an essence of a vibrant and youthful looking face.


75 minutes – First Visit | $210

60 minutes | $270

90 minutes | $320

When I started seeing Julie, I could hardly sit or walk because of tremendous golf ball-sized myalgia. Julie gently released the tension and got me in better shape. She’s an excellent healer. She really gets the work done when you’re in need. But she’s much more than that. Her work with the facial muscles is out of this world. It’s finger Botox. It’s the most relaxing thing I’ve ever experienced and the results are amazing.

Lise Borup Krogsgaard, special adviser to the Minister of Education

 Julie has magic fingers, I really do not know what she does, but it works and it is fantastic! I grind my teeth when I am stressed or have a lot of anxiety, this results in a severe headache. There is also a wrinkle between my eyes, which makes me look old and angry, and the wrinkle worsens when I am stressed and lack sleep. Just the atmosphere in Julie's clinic can make the most stressed person feel completely relaxed in a few minutes - and then when her fingers begin their magic, you're lost and addicted for life. After treating one side of my face, she showed me the difference in a mirror.... Amazing! Every time, I leave Julie's clinic I feel totally relaxed, no stress, no headache and no wrinkles. Julie is just fantastic!

Ms. Laurent, Designer

Julie is AMAZING. She erases signs of tiredness from my face using gentle and original technique that affects muscles deeply beneath the skin, making wrinkles disappear and facial expression change. She has worked with my jaws with great success to help me stop grinding teeth.Her therapy is deeply relaxing and in fact I usually fall asleep while she treats me. I look like I just had a vacation when walking out of her beautiful clinic overlooking the San Francisco Bay and I also feel like it. I have been lucky to visit spas in different parts of the world, but I have never met anyone doing what Julie does and I have never had the kind of visible results and awareness of my facial muscles that she helps me achieve.

Viktoria Franova, former World Champion latin dancer, dance teacher and a mother of two small boys.

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