Breakthrough treatment

Many people complain of achy joints, especially hips, knees, hands and wrists.

These conditions are especially problematic as they can deter normal activities such as work and play.

Joint massage therapy can be highly effective in alleviating the pain and swelling of joint conditions.

Gentle manipulation within the inner structures will begin to improve normal ranges of motion and will aide in restoring joint fluids and mobility. In most cases, reduction of stiffness and painful sensations occurs after only one treatment.

Julie has designed her joint treatment to relieve long held chronic tension in the muscle and break up adhesions in the connective tissues. She focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles using various techniques to obtain joint mobilization.

Long term results are best achieved through a series of treatments addressing the key areas of discomfort.


75 minutes – First Visit | $230

60 minutes | $230

90 minutes | $335

"I went through many years of constant and chronic pain in my left knee. I have a history of going through several knee surgeries - actually 4 in a total. I came to Julie and had no expectations what so ever other than just getting a good and nice treatment. I didn't expect anything to happen at all because I was so used to getting disappointed every time I tried something new to stop the pain and aches. I always hoped for the pain to vanish but it didn't. In just one (ONE!) treatment Julie managed to activate what needed to be activated in and around my knee and I left with a knee that felt better than I ever remember. Following I had a week with a new and different pain - Julie told me I would experience precisely this type of other pain so I felt safe having this experience - and after that week I haven't had any pain in my knee! As in not at all! And I feel amazing. I am able to run again and walk up and down as many stairs as I want to. No limitations. You changed my life Julie - thank you!"

Zofiia Aleena Rose, Transformational Life Coach and Speaker at

"I had torn the meniscus in my right knee, so I went to see Julie to be in the best possible shape before the surgery to ultimately shorten the rehab time after surgery. The first two treatments made a big difference, both the treatments as well as talking about the optimal rehab exercises. The 3rd treatment was a real breakthrough.I woke up the next day with almost no pain left. A week later, I canceled the surgery. Three weeks, more rehab and another treatment later, all symptoms were gone and I've been surfing and cycling ever since as if nothing ever really happened. It was a pretty mind-blowing experience."

Jakob, Former pro-skier and founder of fitness app Endomondo (20 million users)