Maria, Journalist

by admin on January 31, 2015


I met Julie from my job as a journalist. While writing about alternative wrinkle treatments, I received a revitalizing treatment that I should have continued to receive post my assignment..  Unfortunately, I didn’t, and a few years later, I began to suffer from terrible toothaches, and I went to see Julie again.  Julie repositioned and massaged the muscles around my tooth root, both on the outside of the face and in the mouth. It did not help immediately, and I was becoming even more desperate. But she assured me that it probably would help if I gave it time. And sure enough – a few hours later at home in my bed, something clicked back into place in the jaw and the pain disappeared. My dentist was quite jealous, because she had only extractions and root canals to offer, and Julie’s TMJ treatment cured my pain.


adminMaria, Journalist