Ms. Laurent, Designer

by admin on June 2, 2014

 Julie has magic fingers, I really do not know what she does, but it works and it is fantastic!

I grind my teeth when I am stressed or have a lot of anxiety, this results in a severe headache. There is also a wrinkle between my eyes, which makes me look old and angry, and the wrinkle worsens when I am stressed and lack sleep.

Just the atmosphere in Julie’s clinic can make the most stressed person feel completely relaxed in a few minutes – and then when her fingers begin their magic, you’re lost and addicted for life.

After treating one side of my face, she showed me the difference in a mirror…. Amazing!

Every time, I leave Julie’s clinic I feel totally relaxed, no stress, no headache and no wrinkles.

Julie is just fantastic!

adminMs. Laurent, Designer